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Korda Chod Krimps

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The ability to quick change (QC) any rig is a massive time saver and we’ve been doing it with standard rigs for years. However, due the short length of stiff material used to construct a Chod Rig, until the krimps came along it was always a very fiddly and frustrating knot to tie; particularly on very short chods. Krimping our Mouth Trap Chod Filament has become an increasingly popular way to create a QC Chod by utilising our standard 0.6mm krimps normally associated with our popular Boom material when creating Spinner Rigs.

The size of these standard krimps was not ideal but served a purpose until now. The Korda Product Development Team have now created a krimp specifically for constructing neat and tidy Chod Rigs with ease. The new krimps are 40% smaller than the standard version and can be used with 15lb, 20lb and 25lb versions of our Mouth Trap Chod Filament which creates a QC loop stronger than any knot; this is particularly vital with such a short hooklink, where the pressure at the knot is at its greatest.  

These tiny krimps can be used with the current Krimp Tools in the range and come in two sizes – 0.5mm and 0.6mm

Crimping is a great way to achieve neat, strong connections, especially when you are using stiffer and/or thicker materials which can be hard to knot effectively – plus it allows you to get the hook link length right every time, which is especially useful for Chod Rigs.

You need to ensure that you use the correct size of krimp for your Mouth Trap – if the krimp is too big it can slip. We advise that the XS 0.5mm is used with 15lb and 20lb Mouth Trap, with the Small 0.6mm version used with the heavier 25lb filament.

They come supplied in a neat little box with a sliding lid, which helps prevent spillages, with 50 Krimps in each pack.

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in stock, ready to be shipped

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