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Enterprise Tackle Plumbezee Depth Finder Float

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The Enterprise Tackle Plumbezee Depth Finder Float allows you to quickly find the exact depth of your swim, without multiple re-adjustments and constant casting that may spook fish.  

With the popularity of zig fishing, PlumbEzee is an invaluable aid that enables you to calculate with super precision, the exact depth you wish to present your bait at.

PlumbEzee can also be used as a float ledger so you have no line cutting through the swim that might spook carp. An added bonus is you have a surface marker above your rig so you can bait up super accurately without any guess work. Place a 6 mm bead above the float, cast out, clip up and retrieve before tying a power gum stop knot above the bead to lock at the exact depth.

Simply thread your nylon or braid mainline through the 3 eyes of the PlumbEzee, before attaching a lead to the end. Cast to your chosen spot and leave the line slack until the float pops to the surface. Now retrieve and you will see the float is locked in position at the exact depth of your spot. Slide the float back down to near the lead before casting to check the depth of a new spot.

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in stock, ready to be shipped

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