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John Baker Legacy Flavour Range

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A concise range of high quality bait flavours. 

CHEESE (50ml)

A complex flavour with multiple layers of intense attraction derived from 24 aroma ingredients. Faithfully matches the taste and smell of mature cheese. Formulated to enhance savoury and milk protein bait such as, Supermilk and Taste range but it also has a broad appeal in many types of bait recipe. Very effective in all water temperatures. Use carefully in boilie and paste bait recipes, for carp, barbel and chub, it is very strong!


A very special oil-based flavour from our secret collection! This great bait additive is made with amino-reacted aroma compounds designed to draw fish into a zone of feeding curiosity. This product imparts the mouth-watering taste of freshly roasted chicken with crispy-brown skin! It will add a totally new and highly effective profile to boilies and paste bait recipes for carp, barbel and chub.


Smells just like the local Indian restaurant’s Chicken Tikka Masala – but in a super concentrated form! A highly complex flavour blend including our special Roast Chicken Flavour together with 6 different essential oils including, chilli, black pepper, garlic, cumin, fenugreek and coriander. The advanced design of this flavour sets new standards in bait technology with several multi-functional attractors working together in a unique bait label. Highly effective in boilies and paste, for carp, barbel and chub bait.

TOPPEX (100ml)

A unique double-strength buttery flavour blend that we have had up our sleeves for years! Toppex may smell and taste vaguely familiar yet it is designed and formulated exclusively by us. A rich warm-melted-butter type flavour with milk & creamy lactones and diketone compounds all redesigned to a proven formula. A very effective flavour with a multitude of bait applications: Use with total confidence in all water temperatures. Recommended for use in: paste, boilies, particles and ground bait for carp, barbel and tench.

TM1 (100ml)

a truly exceptional bait flavour for ultra-shy carp and barbel. TM1 has the power to induce bites in all conditions and seasons at low inclusion levels. It contains a unique blend of milk lactones, butterscotch, toffee cream, vanillin, American maple, with extracts of fenugreek. This level of advanced complexity uses several of the very best bait flavouring agents, all blended to a tried tested recipe – known only to ‘JB’. TM1 is particularly effective in Supermilk base mixes.

THE SIZZ (100ml)

This is a special savoury flavour designed a couple of years ago for use in barbel bait. It was previously sold as a hot sizzling sausage type label and was hugely popular. It returns again in its exact and original form. This oily, pungent flavour has a smoky/spiced/grilled-sausage profile and barbel are highly attracted to it. The ‘SIZZ’ can be used in paste or boilie recipes and even coated directly on luncheon meat etc. Recommended for use in Taste F2, Bio Shellfish and Frost & Flood base mixes.

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